Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game

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Available for: Android, iOS,

Android - iOS
Android, iOS,

Embark on a magical journey in Tap Wizard 2, a captivating blend of RPG simulation and idle gameplay!

As the valiant leader of a powerful mage army, you wield elemental magic of ice, water, light, and more to repel the encroaching darkness threatening your world. Master spellcraft, forge strategic alliances, and lead your heroes in exhilarating battles against monstrous foes.

Key features

Welcome to a World Immersed in Magic:

  • The Chronosphere, an artifact safeguarding your realm, was shattered by the forces of darkness. Yet, amidst despair, a spark of hope ignites. You, the Mage, emerge from a temporal shift empowered and ready to rebuild your might.
  • Train your formidable legion for the inevitable counteroffensive. In this action-packed realm, your magical prowess is key to overcoming challenges, protecting the Chronosphere, and ultimately vanquishing the forces of evil.

Embrace the Power of the Elements:

  • Fire, water, ice, light – master these fundamental forces and unleash devastating spells upon your enemies. Immerse yourself in a fantastical world teeming with epic battles between good and evil, all unfolds at your own chosen pace.

Conquer Thrilling Arena Battles:

  • Seek exhilarating encounters in the gladiator arena, where diverse foes and challenging objectives await. Unleash fiery blasts, icy traps, potent poisons, and a myriad of other magical weapons to pulverize your opponents.

Customize Your Champion:

  • Forge your own path as a master of magic, choosing from a variety of unique characters and customizing their skills and spells to perfection. Every battle is a canvas for your strategic brilliance, where masterful spell combinations and calculated tactics pave the way to victory.

Tap Wizard 2 is more than just an idle game – it’s an enchanting odyssey brimming with magic, strategy, and exhilarating battles. Are you ready to answer the call?

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game

Tap Wizard 2: Idle Magic Game


For: Android, iOS,


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