The Survival Hunter Games 2

The Survival Hunter Games 2

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Android, iOS,

Prepare for battle in the blocky world!

The Survival Hunter Games 2, the sequel to the popular Minecraft-inspired shooter, throws you into an action-packed campaign alongside teammates. Forget peaceful crafting, this time it’s all about intense firefights with powerful weapons. Dive into a completely new story filled with challenging missions and hidden mysteries.

Here’s what awaits you

  • Cooperative Campaign: Team up with friends and tackle diverse objectives: eliminate enemies, secure locations, and uncover secrets. Each level presents a unique challenge with a ticking clock adding urgency to your actions. Can you complete the task before time runs out?
  • Weapon Arsenal: Unlock and upgrade a variety of guns, including familiar favorites and unique offerings. Level up your arsenal to increase ammo capacity and damage, turning yourself into a force to be reckoned with. Bombs and knives add tactical options, letting you approach each challenge creatively.
  • Thrilling Duels: When you crave pure skill-based competition, enter the Duel Mode. Face off against other players, selecting your preferred weapon and unleashing your tactical prowess. Outsmart your opponent and claim victory in these intense one-on-one battles.

This is just a taste of what The Survival Hunter Games 2 has to offer. Download it today and embark on an epic journey with your friends. Show off your skills, unravel the mysteries, and conquer the blocky battlefield!

The Survival Hunter Games 2

The Survival Hunter Games 2


For: Android, iOS,


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