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Tomb of The Mask

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Android, iOS,

Tomb of The Mask – Explore the mysterious maze

Tomb of the Mask is an exciting game that takes players on an adventure in an ancient tomb full of mysteries. With unique retro graphics and endless challenges, this game requires players to have agility and reflexes to overcome difficult levels.


Tomb of the Mask belongs to the arcade game genre, possessing a simple but extremely difficult control mechanism. In this game, the main character will move automatically and your task is to lead by swiping your finger in directions on the screen.

However, you can only change direction every time the character touches the wall, and the higher the level, the difficulty will of course increase with the number of traps placed on the walls or mobile traps. Therefore, you need to have quite good reflexes to promptly change direction to avoid them. Not only are there traps, there are dangers always lurking behind, with flood waters constantly chasing you. This requires you to use quick reflexes to keep your distance, because only when they touch you do you have to start the game again.

Besides avoiding obstacles, you also have the task of picking up coins. Once you have accumulated enough coins, you can unlock support items that make the gaming experience even better.


In Tomb of the Mask, you will experience two game modes: “Map” and “Arcade”. In “Map” mode, your goal is to pass levels and collect stars to achieve high scores. While in “Arcade” mode, you will face the challenge of racing against rising water levels and having to deal with many obstacles to get a high score.

To play the game, you need to use energy points. If you run out of energy, you can wait for the system’s pre-installed natural recovery or buy more energy points. Furthermore, you can buy characters in the store to change their appearance and increase the player’s support stats.

To overcome difficult challenges, Tomb of the Mask offers a series of support items to help key characters in the game. These items include freezing enemies, shields…

Graphics – Sound

With Retro-style 2D graphics, it brings familiarity but no less uniqueness along with attractive colors that can make you addicted. In addition, the character’s movement effect also brings a very good experience to the player as it leaves a beautiful light trail behind when performing moving actions.

The sound is as simple as the ancient coin-eating Arcade games, and the background sound is vibrant, this also contributes greatly to the quality of the game for players.

General review of the game


  • Tomb of The Mask is incredibly addictive, offering a fast-paced experience
  • The game’s pixel art style and chiptune soundtrack bring a delightful touch of nostalgia.
  • The progressively difficult levels


  • Ads and In-App Purchases
  • Controls Can Be Frustrating
  • Energy System

Hopefully the above information is useful and the game will bring you wonderful moments of relaxation. Download Tomb of the Mask for Android and iOS right now. Please regularly visit our website to update the latest game titles


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