Western Sniper: Wild West FPS

Western Sniper: Wild West FPS

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Android, iOS,

Saddle Up for Justice: Become a Gunslinger in Western Sniper

Dust off your Stetson and sharpen your spurs, pardner, because Western Sniper is calling your name! In this gritty FPS adventure, you’ll step into the boots of a gunslinger tasked with cleaning up the Wild West, one outlaw at a time.

Key features

  • Robbery’s Gone Wrong: Rustle-busting is your business, and these varmints have met their match. But hold your horses, these ain’t no greenhorns. Get ready for tense shootouts where stealth and precision are your ammo. Hide in the shadows, line up your sights, and watch those lead slugs find their mark.
  • Weapons for Every Showdown: You ain’t limited to just one iron, son. Western Sniper throws a whole arsenal at your disposal. Crack skulls with trusty revolvers, pick off baddies from afar with a trusty sniper rifle, and adapt your tactics to each perilous environment. Just remember, every bullet counts, so squeeze the trigger like your life depends on it (because it might!).
  • Challenges Around Every Bend: Each level throws a new gauntlet your way. Whether it’s a rooftop showdown, a train robbery gone haywire, or a dusty town crawling with outlaws, you’ll need to think fast and shoot faster. But hey, every victory notches a new mark on your six-shooter, and who knows, maybe you’ll even unlock a surprise weapon along the way.
  • Sharpen Your Steel, Sharpshooter: Before each mission, saddle up your skills with upgrades. Pump up your firepower, quicken your draw, and steady your aim. Every edge counts when a bullet sings your name. So, tighten your belt, polish your badge, and let Western Sniper unleash the gunslinger within!
Western Sniper: Wild West FPS

Western Sniper: Wild West FPS


For: Android, iOS,


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