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Android, iOS,

Wheelie Life 2 – Open world racing game

Wheelie Life 2 gives players a new racing experience, you have to balance on one wheel and reach the finish line. This sequel to the popular Wheelie Life game promises an experience filled with many new challenges, new features and vehicles.


The gameplay of Wheelie Life 2 is still the same as the first version, you have to control a character moving through many different terrains on a one-wheeled vehicle. Intuitive controls, allowing for precise movements and techniques. The game introduces exciting new levels, each with unique obstacles and landscapes that keep the experience fresh and engaging. From urban landscapes to off-road trails, Wheelie Life 2 offers a variety of environments to conquer.

What is waiting for you in Wheelie Life 2?

  • Realistic like: Wheelie Life 2 cps realistic physics gameplay with stability and control. You will feel the weight of the cars and the difficulty of controlling the car with one wheel. Therefore, you must be cautious when traveling on the roads
  • Customize your racing car: After completing the mission and unlocking a new car in the garage, you can customize it with many different details such as color, replacing accessories…
  • Online mode: Test your skills in this mode, overcome all opponents and win. This mode will take you into races, time trial missions, events… allowing you to show off your skills and win many attractive rewards
  • Free racing mode: This is an interesting casual mode where you can show off everything you can do. You have to impress your friends or players by performing impressive moves and combos. This mode has no time limit, allowing you to perfect your skills
  • Easy control: Wheelie Life 2 has simple control buttons, divided into 2 sides of the screen. All you need is one finger to control the car at high speed, make and avoid obstacles, one finger to slow down, avoid encountering danger.
  • Attractive background music: Wheelie Life 2 has different background music in different racing levels. From gentle rhythms to vibrant rock music…

General review of the game


  • Enhanced Graphics and Animation:
  • Customization Options
  • Challenging Levels
  • Multiplayer Mode


  • In-app purchases
  • Advertisement
  • New players will find it difficult to get used to

Wheelie Life 2 is more than just a racing game, it’s a journey that challenges your skills. Put on your virtual helmet, upgrade your car and enter a thrilling race – download Wheelie Life 2 now


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