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Unleash Your Inner Champion in Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Step into the electrifying world of Real Steel World Robot Boxing, where legendary robots clash in an epic, unlimited brawl! Inspired by the exhilarating Real Steel movie, this game lets you live out your own robotic fight scenes, whether you’re destined for victory or defeat. Buckle up and get ready to role-play like never before!

Key features

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a free-to-play game, open to everyone, everywhere.

No matter your background or profession, you can download and enjoy this thrilling experience during your breaks. But for those who crave an extra edge, the game offers optional in-app purchases to power up your robots significantly.

Join the ELITE Club and unlock a treasure trove of expert tips and tricks.

Learn from simple to complex video tutorials that show you how to maximize your robot’s strength, exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, and become an unstoppable force.

Unleash your creativity and customize your robot’s color palette.

As you progress through the game and upgrade your robots, you’ll unlock a dazzling array of unique colors. Step into the dedicated Paint Store, where you can freely experiment and express your style. Each color imbues your robot with new abilities and boosts its speed, while also holding its own unique story.

Build a legendary robot army and conquer the world!

Real Steel World Robot Boxing allows you to collect champions from across five continents and four pools. This elite squad of the best, most talented, and fiercely loyal boxers will be your right hand in countless unlimited competitions. Team up with your favorite fighters and engage in thrilling matches against powerful opponents with muscular, awe-inspiring physiques.

Become the champion the world needs!

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you’ll join forces with other players to form a faction and battle your way to the top. Though your strengths and strategies may differ, you’ll all share the same goal: to become the ultimate champion, holding the world-famous championship belt high. Now, you can rewrite the ending for legendary robots like Atom and Zeus, crafting your own robotic epic. Tournaments of all sizes, from local towns and cities to global arenas, await your presence and strategic brilliance.

Step into the ultimate arena and challenge anyone to a legendary showdown!

Real Steel World Robot Boxing offers a diverse range of arenas, each with its own unique design and electrifying atmosphere. From open-air stadiums to intimate indoor arenas, you’ll battle under the cheers and fervent gaze of hundreds of spectators. Whether it’s a bustling club stadium, a national arena packed with fans, or even a humble parking lot, every fight will be a spectacle to behold.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is your gateway to a world of robotic mayhem and endless possibilities. Are you ready to unleash your inner champion and rewrite the robot fighting legacy? Download the game today and enter the ring!


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