Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari

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About Zombie Offroad Safari game

Zombie Offroad Safari immerses players in an expansive open-world teeming with zombies, where they navigate diverse terrains using vehicles and employ weapons to obliterate formidable adversaries. The freedom to explore any desired location and discover various rewards is a key feature, coupled with the option to undertake challenges for additional diamonds, essential for acquiring new powers to confront formidable bosses.

Traverse a zombie-infested world

Embark on an adventure in the vast world of Zombie Offroad Safari, where encounters with diverse zombies pose constant threats. Equipped with a customizable vehicle armed with various weapons, players can freely traverse the environment. Vehicle customization allows the strategic use of weapons to fend off enemies. The controls, including left-to-right movement, accelerator, and brake pedals, provide players with the flexibility to maneuver their vehicles. Managing the health bar is crucial in this zombie-infested setting, necessitating caution and weapon use only when armed.

Freedom to explore the world on your terms

In the open-world setting of Zombie Offroad Safari, players have the freedom to drive to different locations and seek out green diamonds, the primary in-game currency. Exploring the world may uncover columns of light, each presenting unique challenges and rewarding opportunities. Players may receive tasks such as eliminating a specific number of zombies or navigating challenging terrains to earn green diamonds at the end.

Weapon variety is a standout feature, with players discovering weapons by approaching them, automatically equipping them to their vehicles. However, each weapon has a limited ammunition supply, requiring players to continually seek new weapons to prevent vehicle damage. While crashing into zombies is a viable tactic, it diminishes the player’s health.

Unlocking new abilities to confront bosses

The game introduces a progression system displayed through a progress bar accompanied by chests. These chests contain items, including vehicle cards, which players can open to enhance their gaming experience. Acquiring chests can be achieved through completing the progress bar or locating them in the open world. These chests provide fragments for the player’s vehicle, enabling stat improvements. With 12 distinct vehicle styles available, players embark on a rewarding journey of upgrading their vehicles. Some light columns scattered throughout the map lead to challenging boss battles, necessitating careful preparation before engaging these formidable foes.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari


For: Android, iOS,


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